2017-2018 University Housing Strategic Projects

University Housing staff agreed to extend the 2014-2017 University Housing Strategic Plan to allow an opportunity to continue to align with the campus and Student Affairs strategic plans. With new leadership from Chancellor Dr. Robert Jones and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Danita Brown-Young a new strategic focus will likely emerge. University Housing staff developed three strategic projects in the original plan: Business Process Improvement (completed), Stewardship of Resources (in process) and Strategic Collaboration and Communications (in process). In 2017-18, University Housing staff will continue to make progress to complete the strategic projects in process.

The Stewardship of Resources strategic project became a focus as a result of the economic factors in the State of Illinois and pressure on campus to keep the cost of education down. University Housing staff are no longer able to rely solely upon room and board rate increases to pay for major facility improvements and new construction. The Stewardship of Resources project team began work in summer 2016 to seek internal and external stakeholder feedback and reviewed departmental work processes. The project team gathered information from two town hall meetings, several unit level meetings and an online survey. During spring 2017, the project team compiled the feedback into a list of potential cost saving or revenue-generating ideas with a focus on savings or increasing revenue over $10,000 or more. Immediately some initiatives under $10,000 were implemented; other ideas will be evaluated and prioritized. A plan for implementation of the more complex ideas will be discussed in FY18.

The Strategic Collaboration and Communications project team will begin work in 2017-18. Because of staff changes, the project has been on hold until FY18.

University Housing staff look forward to the 2017-18 year that is sure to provide exciting opportunities.

View the University Housing Mission and Vision or read the complete strategic plan here.

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